AAUW Members (associate degree or higher) – dues $75
Student Affiliate (in degree program at any accredited college/university) – dues $20

The Astoria Branch warmly invites anyone who supports the mission of AAUW to join as a Community Affiliate and to participate at the local level. If finances for dues are a problem, please mention it to one of the members.  Help is available.


It is time once again to pay your dues for AAUW.  Your dues cover membership at the National, State and local levels.  2017-2018 dues are payable now and are effective July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018. National dues will increase $5 next year, 2018-2019.  We hope you continue your membership to help promote education and equity for women and girls.

ANNUAL DUES (Breakout for full dues: National, $59; State, $16; Astoria, $10) 

______________ New and Continuing Members….$85

______________ Life Member…………………………..$26

______________  50 Year Member……………………..$ 0

______________ Student Affiliates……………………..$20

______________ Community Members……………….$10


Helping Hand Fund               +$________________Helping Hand Fund offers dues assistance upon request

AAUW Funds                        +$________________Nat’l scholarships/research/legal advocacy (tax deductible)

Local Scholarship                  +$________________Fund for our local scholarship CCC


Helping Hand Fund           -$_______________Please use this space if you wish to take advantage of dues assistance. All requests are confidential

TOTAL ENCLOSED   $_________________

Please return this entire page with your check made payable to AAUW Astoria.  You may make payments over 3 months, at $25 per month, if you prefer.  Please send all to AAUW Astoria, Lauren Wilson, Treasurer, PO Box 847 Astoria, OR 97103.

AAUW of Oregon dues includes $0.25 for subscription to the Oregon News.


Member Name_____________________________________________________________ Address__________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip____________________________________________________________

Telephone (H)_________________(C)__________________


School (s) and Degree (s)________________________________________________ Occupation______________________________________________________   TOTAL DUES PAID_________

One date that is special to you (birthday, holiday, anniversary, a memory). Please circle the reason!  ______________________

$56.00 of NATIONAL dues is tax deductible; the remaining $3.00 will go to support AAUW Action Fund activities. Likewise, of the $20.00 Student Affiliate dues, $19.00 is tax deductible. Donations to AAUW Funds are tax deductible as charitable contributions.