In 1958, the Educational Foundation was officially established to administer AAUW’s fellowship and grant programs, advancing educational and professional opportunities for women. The foundation also became the source for AAUW’s landmark research reports and more recently, the AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund program.

Formerly, with a contribution of $500 or more to this fund, a branch could recognize members with a “named gift.”  In 1971, the branch recognized Josephine Swanson, Vera Gault, and Marjorie Halderman, who, as owners of the historic homes,  made the home tours possible.  In later years, the branch recognized Edna    Packard, Jan Wellman, Barbara Engbretson Campbell, Phyllis Reuter, Bobbi Brice, Carol Barth, Toni Ihander,   Janet Weidman, Elaine Heck, Sandra Reinebach,  Arline LaMear,  Susi Brown, and Joanie Weatherly.

Local Scholarships

Beginning in 1992, the Astoria branch has given annual scholarships to Outstanding Women Graduates of Clatsop College who are going on to four-year institutions.

Prior recipients include Leah Johnson, Marty Barrows, Caroline Bricheux, Cindy Huddleston, Linden, Summer Lind, Debra Stewart, Yamilet Garcia, Veronica Russell, Nicole Pietka, Evie Alburas, Crystal Earl, Julie Stumph, Kristine Murry, Allison Mattila, Betsy Barnes, Sarah Salmonson, Laura Waight, Aellana Konstantinitas, Naomi Galbraith, Rosabel Perez, Mary Ellen Thomas, Natalie Thomas, Jana Godwin, Jennifer Cerf, Rayna Goodwin, and Kelly Wiegart, Jessica Hoffman, Amanda Bentley, Mykhol Estrada, Katelyn Bogh, and Heidi Roberts.

This program is funded by the proceeds of the annual Readers Dessert Theater.


Astoria Branch AAUW Scholarship Application:
AAUW 2018 scholarship form
This form is due by June 25, 2018