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American Association of University Women (AAUW) is a nationwide network of more than 170,000 members and supporters, 1,000 branches, and 800 college/university institution partners.  For over 130 years, AAUW members examine and take positions on fundamental issues of the day — educational, social, economic, and political. Our commitment and mission is reflected in all aspects of our work.

OUR SIGNATURE EVENT • Saturday, February 11, 2017
WINGS – Women INterested in Going to School


What a wonderful day we had!  66 women registered and attended at Clatsop Community College.  The 1/2 day Latina session had 25 and the all day Conference boasted 41 women!  Child Care had 11 young ones and 9 older children.  Janice Horning and Meredith Payton spent the day and had great help from Dee Dee Deacon, and Sandy Stonebreaker, 4 Seaside helpers and 3 from the high schools.  In addition doing other things throughout the day were,  Michelle, Ane,  Bobbi, Susi, Toni, Rhonda, Arline, Jan, Monica, Donna and Sara.  Friday set up had Susi, Toni, Bobbi, Sara, Rosalie, Janice, Michelle and Janet pitching in.
iiiiiIn preparation we had guru Michelle in the wings doing the website and graphics, Ane on publicity, Roz and Janice with childcare forms, Bobbi, Janet, Rosalie, Donna, Janice and Jan hanging posters and gathering donations.  Our CCC rep, Monica is a fabulous supporter for this day! That’s over 1/2 of our membership!  Seaside AAUW had very similar numbers helping out.  We’re sorry the rest of you missed out on a very important opportunity to help women return to school.  Next year we hope you join with us!
    State Senator, Betsy Johnson came to give the women a really upbeat talk about how important the annual event, the day is for them!wings-BetsyJShe spoke of commitment and hard work and was so encouraging.  She also stressed the importance of voting, and took questions, with openness and support for solving problems.  She even had Congressman Kurt Schrader on speaker phone addressing the attendees.  Our procrastinating webmistress will post the video of her presentation soon.
    Two WINGS graduates spoke about their journeys back to school and graduation.  We had 14 faculty/staff from the college sharing their passions and information.  Powerful women!!  Several past WINGS participants came to support those beginning their journey. One of them being Shellie, it was great seeing her and touching base with her again! Shellie is a stepdaughter to Karen Kenyon who founded WINGS with Pat Lehman in 2002. 
wind beneath wordpressOver 125 businesses and individuals contribute and show their support for these women wanting to return to school to improve themselves.  I’m including a list so we can all let those people know how important their support is!  One result is that each WINGS graduate received a voucher for a 3 credit transferable class, admittance application or a GED test costs.  That could be up to $400.00 per person!  Another wonderful result was a gift bag for each attendee.   We have one grand community!
    The annual day-long conference at Clatsop Community College, Oregon’s first community college established in 1958. It is free to all participants, with lunch and child care provided.  This day-long conference, held at the college, will offer workshops to encourage and facilitate re-entry into school. Workshops focus on helping women reach their educational or career goals.
By attending the conference held in February, participants have time to arrange financial aid, take necessary prerequisites and enter sequential programs in the following semester. Many WINGS “graduates” enter LIT, (Lives in Transition) in spring, a credit class in which they find excellent guidance and support.
Every year, we promote and prepare for the event, inviting as many women as we can to take advantage of this opportunity. Check out the WINGS website at wings-clatsop.com

Pat Lehman, Seaside chair, 503-717-1852
Roberta Brice, Astoria chair, 503-468-2590


Future Programs:  Sept.:  Reader’s Theater?  Susi will try to get the PAC for Sept.  If this doesn’t work out she will look for another month.  She will try to get this through a partnership with the college.

                                June:  Picnic

                               March:  Panel of representatives from 100 Women

                              *It was decided to ask Janet Weidman about looking into Chautauqua for one of our programs.

Minutes by Toni Hander, secretary.


  Hopefully we are all signed up for the AAUW Action Network.  Just in case – go to http://capwiz.com/aauw/mlm/signup   Just right click and follow instructions!

Also, be aware that Tuesday April 12 is Equal Pay Day!  That is the day when women finally earn what men earned in 2015.  We might talk about how to dramatize this at our meeting!

Last year we provided cookies at a public event.  We had whole cookies for women and 3/4 of a cookie for the men…..


    Tillamook AAUW again sponsors Tech Trek for 35 girls entering 8th Grade.  These young women are recommended by teachers and they then need to apply and be interviewed to ensure they are ready and willing to spend a week exploring technology, engineering, chemistry and lots of experimenting, besides having time with peers and excited instructors!

    We are asked to help with student interviews in Astoria and Warrenton.


   If you are considering attending State AAUW Convention, that’s grand!!  You have the AAUW Oregon News   Convention issue and can decide to go.  I found the Sunday 3 sessions really exciting as we’d hear a panel discussion on Title IX, have AAUW Policy updates and a session on Campus Assault and hear from Brenda Tracy a 1998 survivor and advocate for victims rights.  Your Editor has been to 7 conventions.  It is a continuous learning and sharing with some pretty powerful women!


   We will hear from 3 of our 100 Women Who Helped Make Astoria Unique.  This has been a special meeting that we all look forward to.


If you love politics – or even are slightly interested – then join Nancy Holmes and other interesting people for conversation.

Wednesday, February 10 ·      10:00 AM gather in with coffee,  ·      10:30 AM to 11:30 AM Discussion & Games!

  Bagels By The Sea – in the Vault Room – 210 South Holladay Drive at Avenue A, Seaside

This week I would like to spend time on the national debates and elections – primaries and caucuses, then focus on local communication and leadership.

And thanks for helping me share my enthusiasm for the election process which as a friend reminded me is really a lesson in civics updated Clatsop County, Oregon style!

And yes it is about how we are represented from the national to the local level. But it is also about who you contact when you need help either personally or to best affect something you care about in your county or city.

Thank you,

Nancy Holmes


Wednesday, February 10, 7 PM at the Lovell Building, 14th & Duane.  BRIDGE TALKS #1.  Joe Leahy talks about the ferries that carried cars and people from Astoria to Megler from 1921